Importance of Business Strategy​

We’ll help you design your business blueprint for 2024

  • Identify your Goals and Visions for the year ahead.​
  • What strategy will you be using on your property journey?​
  • Have you researched and armed yourself with the knowledge you can in order to start?​
  • Decide on your prime location and stick to it.​
  • What tools will you use to help you find and analyse the deals?​
  • We’ll help you work out your step by step weekly/monthly/quarterly actions so you can achieve your goals.​
  • Help you to identify the sources of funding.

Book a two hour business strategy session with me, and we’ll have a blueprint by the end of the session to help you move forward!​

Normally £497

For first five clients £297 – and an opportunity to​ discuss working 1:1 with me throughout the year to achieve​ your goals.

James Tutty


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